Vedic Yogi

Branding and packaging design for Vedic Yogi, a natural energy drink which is designed to give the user a boost and clarity of mind pre-workout.

Vedic Yogi is an energy drink with a difference. It is made from Ayurvedic super herbs that have been proven to have a positive and energising effect on the body and mind, without giving you a drop like other sugary energy drinks on the market.

Designmatic were tasked with the challenge of creating the brand mark and packaging design for Vedic Yogi. The brand targets consumers who are into living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy practising yoga and keeping fit but want a natural and healthy alternative to the energy drinks currently on the market.

Client feedback

“Designmatic were excellent throughout the Vedic Yogi packaging development process. They understood the brief well and struck the right balance between putting forward options and listening to our ideas. They were flexible and quick to provide design changes as the brief evolved. The end result is excellent and fits perfectly. I highly recommend them.”

Vedic Yogi - Designmatic